I Believe This is Called “Irony”

The discoloration is a water stain.

Weems letter 1909 paintings

Side note: See the two holes at the top left? This was from the days before the invention of the paper clip, when documents were held together with straight pins.

Bonus side note: We’re still working on the campus art inventory!

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5 Responses to I Believe This is Called “Irony”

  1. Hance Burrow, Lovett 74' says:

    At least the letter wasn’t damaged by fire.

  2. Barbara Eaves says:

    But I’ll bet you have a lot more to inventory (is that a verb?) these days!

  3. Keith Cooper says:

    Amusing and timely!

  4. Matt Noall says:

    At least it was not a flood….

  5. Mark Kapalski says:

    I’ll bet that water stain was from when Brown and Root burst some pipes in the AC system back in 1992 ! 🙂

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