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Friday Afternoon Follies: Out of Order?

I found this (undated, of course) buried amidst the massive amount of material that came over from the RMC recently. Are they trying to tell us that the elevator is broken?   There’s another one. This one makes me suspect … Continue reading

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Father William Harmless, SJ, 1953-2014

My friend Bill Harmless (Baker, ’75) died suddenly the other night. He was a remarkable person, relentlessly curious, engaged and engaging. After graduating from Rice with a degree in English he joined the Peace Corps, then the Jesuits. I first … Continue reading

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The Early History of Treason

A few weeks ago a little bird came in and told me where I might find a room full of very interesting books. I went and she was right. Many of these beautiful old books turned out to have belonged … Continue reading

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The Mace

Digging around in a box of semi-centennial records I came across a short memo from Historian Sanford Higginbotham to the newly arrived President Pitzer. Apparently we had recently acquired a mace—the institution’s symbol of authority—but had not yet quite determined … Continue reading

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Obsolete Technology, Dorm Room Edition

I had one of these! Also note the 1970 Campanile, which seems to be turning up everywhere I look lately. Bonus: Wet. And kind of forlorn.

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Friday Afternoon Follies: My Buttons

I assume this commemorates someone’s retirement or some such. So, so creepy.

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Fuzzy and Unfuzzy Images of George Rupp’s Inauguration

I ran across a couple of full contact sheets of pictures taken at Rupp’s inauguration and with a heart full of hope I started to scan them to get a good look. But it turned out to be a sad … Continue reading

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What Fueled the Power Plant? Part III

This power plant saga has the potential to surpass even my legendary Drainage Series in terms of sheer excitement. The most fun I have at work is finding things that have been lost and thinking hard about things that have … Continue reading

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What Fueled The Power Plant? Part II

As soon as I started thinking about the power plant things related thereto began to fall into my hands. I was flipping through a 1927 Campanile the other day, when my eyes fell upon one the ads in the back: … Continue reading

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“Introducing Jones College”

That’s the title of this undated pamphlet: How to date it? Well, there’s a map of campus on the back: The RMC, Geology, the first part of Biology and Hamman Hall–all completed by 1958–are there but not Space Science (1967) … Continue reading

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