Homecoming, 1951

I realized only last night that Homecoming is this weekend, which sent me off to see if I could find a good picture for tonight. There are a lot to choose from but I was especially taken with these portraits of some of the old-timers who were still around in the 1950s. I don’t know who took them or for what purpose exactly but these are the people who returning alumni would want to see. I wish I could get a better look at what’s on their desks.

Here’s the bursar, J.T. McCants, who arrived at Rice (such as it was) in 191o:

McCants Homecoming 1951


Biology professor Asa Chandler, who came in 1919:


Asa Chandler Homecoming 1951

Physicist Claude Heaps:

Claude Heaps Homecoming 1951

I’m surprised to see that I’ve never written about Professor Heaps. I’ll correct that.


And the registrar, Samuel McCann, who came to teach history in 1915:

McCann 51 Homecoming

This looks suspiciously like a painting of McCann that hung in Allen Center until a couple of years ago.



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  1. I had a treasured copy of “McCants’ Notebook” in my files that were destroyed in the flood in the summer of 1976. Would love to find a good copy to scan. I imagine Woodson has a good copy.

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