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Friday Follies: Slime in the Hotel Hallway!

Heaven help the good people of Houston when the Class of 1959 arrives:

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I was recently looking through an envelope of photos that came from the biology building and I noticed these two undated images because I had just been poking around over where I think they were taken. And a close-up, just … Continue reading

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The Campanile Office, 1927 and 1997

This is going to be exactly what the title advertises: two views inside the yearbook office separated by 70 years.  Obviously some things are quite different but the critical elements are the same: keyboard, telephone and squalor. Bonus:

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Finally, Behind the Chemistry Building

I mentioned over Christmas break that I had recently stumbled upon a Rice publication I’d never seen before, the Naval ROTC Broadside. Looking through the issues I was delighted to find that there were a lot of pictures, including this … Continue reading

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Obsolete Technology: Summer Quarters

Several questions spring to mind: Why is Baker headquartered at Lovett? Who is the woman? And what on earth is that machine? Does it make copies in some convoluted fashion?

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Friday Follies: Lost and Found

We had some discussion of underwear in the comments a couple of weeks ago which naturally reminded me of something interesting: the recurrent problem of misplaced panties. This first item is a description of the contents of the RMC Lost … Continue reading

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No, I Don’t Know What Happened to the Gum

I walked past a small pile of cards back in the vault I don’t know how many times without even a second thought. There’s so much peculiar stuff around here that I sometimes stop noticing. Anyway, a little while ago, … Continue reading

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Turned Around in Cohen House

This had me scratching my head for a minute. Sweet raisin Danish! The fireplace and the display case are on the same wall! As we all know, they currently occupy totally opposite walls. And it doesn’t look like there are … Continue reading

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Hot Topics, 1943-44

We recently (and quite unexpectedly) received a pretty good sized batch of correspondence that had belonged to Dr. Floyd Lear of the History Department. I haven’t had a chance to look at most of it, but one of my colleagues … Continue reading

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The Inner Workings of the Library, 1966: Part 2

Here’s the final installation of our scintillating “Inside Fondren” series. These images are behind the scenes and a little more recognizable to me. I’m least sure about this first one. I suspect it might be reference but really that’s just … Continue reading

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