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Plot Plan, Staub and Rather

The Woodson has an enormous collection of images that came from architecture professor Bud Morehead. Some of them were used in his little book called A Walking Tour of Rice University but there are many, many more besides those. Many. … Continue reading

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Interlibrary Loan, 1917

This afternoon I sifted through boxes of early library records with great pleasure. This particular set of exchanges, which revolve around eight books on the Victorian writer George Meredith (who would have thought there would be so many?) that Rice … Continue reading

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The William Rice Marsh, circa 1911

We’ve had three glorious days in a row here but I just heard that it’s supposed to get cold and rainy later this week . . . again. Very disheartening but nothing new. Here’s what looks to be a spontaneous … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Slime in the Hotel Hallway!

Heaven help the good people of Houston when the Class of 1959 arrives:

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I was recently looking through an envelope of photos that came from the biology building and I noticed these two undated images because I had just been poking around over where I think they were taken. And a close-up, just … Continue reading

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The Campanile Office, 1927 and 1997

This is going to be exactly what the title advertises: two views inside the yearbook office separated by 70 years.  Obviously some things are quite different but the critical elements are the same: keyboard, telephone and squalor. Bonus:

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Finally, Behind the Chemistry Building

I mentioned over Christmas break that I had recently stumbled upon a Rice publication I’d never seen before, the Naval ROTC Broadside. Looking through the issues I was delighted to find that there were a lot of pictures, including this … Continue reading

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