Friday on Thursday: Goalpost Frolics

Apparently, they used to decorate the goalposts for games. Is this even legal? I wonder how Nick Saban would react to such a proposition.

Here are members of the Sarah Lane Literary Society wrapping the posts in the old stadium, circa 1948:

New SLL scrapbook goalpost 2 prep for Sam Houston game

New SLL scrapbook September 25 1948 goalpost

And here they are in the new stadium in 1952:

New SLL scrapbook goalpost 1952

I’m off tomorrow for Good Friday. See y’all Monday.


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2 Responses to Friday on Thursday: Goalpost Frolics

  1. vkbenson says:

    Good Friday was last week! Sorry you missed it!

    • mjthannisch says:

      Western Good Friday was last week. Eastern is this week. It all goes back to switching to the Gregorian calender which most of the Eastern Churches rejected.

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