“Her clothes have imagination,” 1966

You know what? They really did. And Lili Milani (’69, ’71) actually made many of them them herself:

New EBLS best dressed Post 1966

New EBLS best dressed 2

I found this charming Houston Post article in an Elizabeth Baldwin Literary Society scrapbook from 1966. I really love scrapbooks with clippings in them because I would never see these little things any other way. I’m increasingly convinced that it’s the little things that tell the only important story.



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6 Responses to “Her clothes have imagination,” 1966

  1. mjthannisch says:

    When I was in High School a lot of girls took home economics, and many of them made their own dresses for prom and other events.
    Boys were starting to take home economics by that time which was a good thing that they learned their way around the kitchen, laundryroom and sewing room for repairs.

    After watching my newest daughter-in-law, it seems to me that maybe it should be a requirement once again to graduate.Not every one was able to have a superorganised mother to teach them how to manage a house. (I wonder if she learned that working as a maid for the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, or learned it at the orphanage)

  2. George Webb '88, '91 says:

    It’s interesting that the article gives her parents’ home address. It seems she grew up pretty close to campus.

  3. marmer01 says:

    Yes, posting addresses of people in a newspaper story used to be quite common in the forties and fifties. Surprised that it lasted this long. Especially in a story about an attractive young woman.

    • mjthannisch says:

      Same with ships. Used to be all ships in Houston were listed in the Chronicle and the Post. But when I was a chaplain for the Port of Houston, it took a password and special permission to get that list and print it. Security of course. Times have changed for the worse. 🙁

  4. Richard Schafer (Lovett '73) says:

    Any idea where she is now? Did she go on to career in architecture or fashion?

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