Swimming, etc., Part 2

A campus update from a hardier compatriot:


That’s impressive.

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9 Responses to Swimming, etc., Part 2

  1. mjthannisch says:

    Our alley has looked like this since May 1st

  2. almadenmike says:

    All this photo is missing is a person in a pirogue.

  3. Bill Peebles '70 says:

    I expect someone will put out that old sign “William Rice Marsh”.

  4. Just what I was thinking, Bill. The return of William Rice’s Marsh.

  5. Edward Summers says:

    There did used to be alligators at/near Rice in the early decades.

  6. Edward Summers says:

    At least, according to a conversation I once had with Professor Claude Heaps in the 1950s. He also told be there was a wooden walkway across the swamp between the Main Street trolley stop and Lovett Hall. None too sturdy, the walkway wobbled when people used it, disturbing the wasps with nests beneath it, so that users had to walk really fast or even sprint to keep from being stung. My vivid mental image of this happening has stuck with me. I wonder if there are any photos of that walkway?

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