Swimming Might Be the Only Option Today

New 1950 campanile swimsuits flood

Let’s hope for better luck tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Swimming Might Be the Only Option Today

  1. marmer01 says:

    But, hey, Rice is open! You can take a benefit day if you can’t make it in! 😐

  2. Keith Cooper says:

    Lovett Lake was back this morning, in full glory. No whitecaps, but …

  3. Matt Noall says:

    How about the kayakers and canoe folks? Has anyone been able to do an endo in the drains or are those doing the standard running backwards?

  4. Keith Cooper says:

    By 7am, on campus streets were, essentially dry. Lots of flooding elsewhere, but not on campus. All those dollars spent on drainage since about 1985 have paid off

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