George Miner, ’50

Over the past few weeks we’ve been fortunate to receive an extraordinary collection of Rice memorabilia from the family of George Miner, ’50. There are a wide range of materials– everything from photographs (Claude Bracey at Soldier Field was among them) to his letter sweater to class notes, including a meticulous notebook of campus drawings made as part of a surveying class.

New Miner 1944

Mr. Miner was a deeply devoted alumnus, determined to repay the school that he believed made his success possible. He was a loyal supporter of the Owls, and, as president of Miner-Dederick Construction, a major contributor to the evolution of his beloved Rice. Rather than try to relate it all I’ll post the Memorial Resolution passed by the Board of Trustees after his death in 2002:

New George Miner resolution 2002

If anything, this somewhat understates the matter–the list of Rice buildings that Miner-Dederick had a hand in is quite long and his support of Rice athletics was generous and unflagging even in the worst times. Here he is receiving the Distinguished Owl Club award in 1986:

New George Miner gold medal

We are very grateful to the Miner family for this gift. You’ll be seeing more of it as I work my way through.

Here’s what part of it looks like:

George Miner collection May 2015

Bonus: This plaque is part of the collection. It turns out that we have two more just like it in the Woodson. But no one seems to know what they are or why they were given. We’re speculating that they might have something to do either with athletics or engineering. Any thoughts?

George Miner Collection

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10 Responses to George Miner, ’50

  1. almadenmike says:

    What are those two very thick books (one blue, one red) shown in the middle of the collection?

  2. Brian Lyssy says:

    I work with George’s son and he told me he doesn’t recall what the plaque was for, but that his father had it hanging on the wall in his office for as long as he can remember.

  3. marmer01 says:

    Great pic of Mr. Miner and a young (er) Bucky Allshouse!

  4. Diane Miner says:

    Glad that the artifacts are in perfect hands!

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  7. Florence H King says:

    The plaque is a decorative piece. They were available in craft shops, made of plaster, to be painted by the purchaser.

  8. Jonathan harper says:

    I had the privilege to know Mr.Gorge minner thought his construction company. Along side many of his sons and father Albert harper worked for him 30 yrs.

  9. Fred Henderson says:

    Was employed by Mr. Miner for 24 years, five birthdays at Rice U.. He treated me as family .I try to be as honest as he. Think about Mr. George Often.

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