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Spooky, c1920

Today is a travel day for me so you have to take what you can get. Here’s an image that I’ve kept because it looks spooky and I have no explanation for it. Why are there cars on the grass? … Continue reading

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Matriculation, 1970

I love this picture. Look at their faces! They were listening to Norman Hackerman–it was his first Rice matriculation–tell them what was going to be expected of them. You can almost feel the trepidation. Also, miniskirts! Bonus:    

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Rice Band Takes Austin, 1917

Rice 13, Texas 0. This was the first game we scored on UT. No word on whether the band members were charged for their seats.

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The Best College

I was having a less pleasant than usual morning on Monday so I wandered over to the student-run Coffee House in the RMC, intending to sort myself out over a cortado. As I waited, I noticed this: At first I … Continue reading

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Chemistry Lane, 1941

Another startling image from the camera of Neil Brennan, this one labeled “Chemistry Lane”: I was only confused momentarily. I’ve noticed this before but from very different angles. You can see it here in this 1946 aerial, the long diagonal … Continue reading

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The Ivy on the Chem Lecture Hall

I noted it the other day here and got quite a few emails about it. So here are several images of the rise and fall and rise of those vines. These do not constitute the whole story, by the way, … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “their chauvinistic little hearts”, 1980

Apparently the transition to co-ed colleges was not completely smooth. Bonus: Have a great Labor Day everyone! I’ll be back Tuesday.

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Be The Ball

Yesterday afternoon I was over on the driving range at BraeBurn trying to cure a nasty hook when I looked over and saw this: Obviously, the only thing I could do was go over and take pictures.  They were hitting … Continue reading

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Rice Lane, 1942

I have no idea what it’s called now, but according to Neil Brennan, in 1941 it was called “Rice Lane”: My first thought was that this was taken on the Chemistry side of the loop, but a look at the … Continue reading

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That’s A Lot of Equipment

I was looking for some information about the original field house this morning when I very unexpectedly came across this advertisement for the company that supplied the lab furniture and equipment for the Chemistry Building. It’s still in business, with … Continue reading

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