Casual Friday, Monday Edition

I got quite a few inquiries both in the comments and in my email from folks who were hoping that I could find a better image than the blurry one I put up last Friday.

Happily, in a separate envelope I found the nice, crisp negatives of the entire roll of film. First, here’s the same group up in the tree:

pajamas 1 059

And here they are inside, sucking their thumbs (!)

No, really:

pajamas 2 060

And as long as we’re at it, why not single someone out?

pajamas 3 061

But the roll ended with some shots that are clearly a different event, although probably one that took place at roughly the some time:

pajamas 5 063

If anyone can explain this (especially the thumb sucking part, which is just so, so unsettling), please let me know.

Bonus: Look at this!


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22 Responses to Casual Friday, Monday Edition

  1. Nick Papas says:

    I wonder if replacement bulbs are easy to find?

  2. grungy1973 says:

    I’ve probably got bulbs (and another Viewlex).
    The togas are from NOD, the same year.
    The standing bare-headed male is (Kurt?) Eggert.

  3. marmer01 says:

    If the bathrobe pics are of an early Night of Innocence, then the toga pics are probably of the following Night of Decadence, or the preparations thereof. Togas were the common togs for NOD.

  4. marmer01 says:

    The Viewlex looks like an elephant.

  5. Lavelle Fritz Ferris says:

    Weiss College sponsored a Night of Decadence (NOD) party and in fall of ’78 the theme was Toga Party (Animal House had just come out) Sid Rich College held a Night of Innocence on the same night – pjs, teddy bears and milk and cookies were the theme. I’m guessing you have pics of SRC guys getting ready or advertising their party… The togas were clearly on their way to Weiss.

  6. Keith Cooper says:

    In the Night of Innocence Photo, the best detail may be the pillowcase with a woman’s picture on it, far right. The gentlemen riding “piggy-back” style at the bottom is likely Steve Tighe.

  7. Marc Hairston says:

    Thanks for the clearer pictures. For the new treehouse picture I can now ID a few more folks. Again that’s me with the beard on the ground (I don’t like heights). That is Steve Tighe riding on someone’s shoulders to the right. That’s Steve Bosse crouching in the groin of the tree just to the left and up from Tighe. And Mike Drews is half hidden at the top. The “thumb-sucking” picture was another joke picture for Night of Innocence we did in the Sid Rich lobby. The idea was that we were all reliving our early childhoods and watching cartoons on the TV (which is just outside the right edge of the picture). In the back row the first person on the left is Bob Schwatz with Mike Drews in the cap next to him. I’m the first on the left in the second row. In the front row is Steve Tighe and Steve Bosse is the person on the extreme right edge Everyone else in both pictures are Sid Rich folks but I can’t recall their names. And of course the Night of Decadence pictures were probably taken the same day. NOI started in October 1977 when Mark Whitney and I (the Sid Rich film committee) had scheduled a night of animated shorts. After the calendar was set they realized that the original date for NOD that year was on Homecoming weekend, so NOD was moved to the Friday night of our animation night. We thought we were doomed since no one would show up. The Sid Rich social chairman, Tom Moe, said go ahead and do it anyway and coined the term “Night of Innocence”. Thus rebranded we went ahead and accidentally started the tradition of having two counter-parties every year. Personally I thought it would die out after Whitney and I graduated.

  8. Dan McCormack says:

    In the NoD photo, Sue Mattinson and Jenny Gredel are standing in front of Kurt Eggert. The two gentlemen wearing the Monty Python “gumby” do-rags are Scott McDonald and Huck Roberts. Rolf Asphaug is seated at far right. No idea who’s standing behind Sue or who’s wearing the hardhat.

    • Kurt Eggert says:

      I think it’s John Heaner in the hardhat and boots.And isn’t that Martha Creager behind Sue? Martha is tall and had those great eyebrows.

  9. Martha Slettedahl Hayden says:

    Obviously, Tim Griffy in the baseball cap. Is that Rich Gass up on the treehouse platform (the one wearing glasses)?

  10. Randy says:

    I was in SRC from ’79 to ’83 and can attest to the fact that Night of Innocence lasted at least through ’83. Of course, those pics preceded me by a year, but there are a few familiar faces; is that Doug Nissing (sp?) wearing the dark robe with the pillow on his lap to the left of the guy identified as Marc Hairston?

  11. SSinDC says:

    Based on some side conversations, it looks like:
    – agreeing with Randy (above), that’s gotta be Douglas Nissing with the pillow leaning on the tree;
    – John Scott concedes that’s him trying to pull what appears to be Steve Schooner out of the tree;
    – that looks like Jim Reinhart top-left in white; with Dave Collier and Bob Avery (?)
    – I’m guessing Tom Farris on the right, hanging out of the tree; and
    The guy in the hat (center) could be Doug Mischlich (but he’ll know if that’s his hat or not)…
    Then again, I could be wrong about all of those…

  12. Matt Noall says:

    The fellow sitting near the window in the back in the SRC lobby picture is Fred Ender. The guy standing up just in front might be Maynard Southard (spelling may be off here) I think Steve Bosse is in there as well.The ubiquitous Steve Tighe in the right front;

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