Friday Follies: Science or Refreshments?

Hard to tell. It’s unlabeled, naturally.

Science experiment or punch 2 nd051

Science experiment or punch nd050

I love those benches.

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8 Responses to Friday Follies: Science or Refreshments?

  1. Rick Sheridan says:

    I can’t identify the activity but it is certainly Wiess.

  2. I would guess that is chugging practice in the late 1970’s.

    I see one Schlitz tall-boy, which was a popular chugging container at the time. They could be pouring the beer back and forth to get it flat.

  3. franceswhitt says:

    That looks like Marty Hood in the second shot, pouring the beer.

  4. Krammit says:

    Yes to all of the above. Making the beer flat for chugging practice, a common sight on the patio in the Acabowl at Wiess in the early springtime. And definitely the late 1970s. That may indeed be Marty in photo number 2.
    The Beer Bike team first adopted the nickname Team Wiess about 1975. We were awfully competitive at that time, both chuggers and riders.

  5. Ron Ladd says:

    I think it is the early 70s based on recognizing a couple of people from that time frame, unless there were coming back for a practice after they graduated. Chris Headstream, with the really long sideburns and mustache, is standing directly behind the two leaning over the pots of beer. Chris graduated in 1973.
    In the early 70s there was a lot of interest in having the best beer time, even if Wiess did not win the overall Beer Bike race. Nice to see a couple of pictures of “Old” Wiess as it is now called. (My two children were both in “New” Wiess.)

  6. George Webb '88, '91 says:

    The Acabowl — the center of life! Team Wiess!

  7. Randy Wile '83 says:

    Schlitz Tall Boys and Carling Black Label!

  8. Terry "HR" Phillips Wiess '83 says:

    I am certain that is a very your Marty Hood. That would make this about 1975 or 76. Of course I think Marty was on the five or six year plan so could have been a bit earlier.

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