Rice Report, January 1971

This afternoon here were a couple of boxes on one of the book carts in the back room that had been ordered from storage by mistake. This obviously called for a thorough investigation of their contents. And I wasn’t at all surprised to discover in the very last folder–labeled “curriculum debacle 1970”–something wonderful. It’s an issue of a Rice publication I can’t recall ever seeing before called “Rice Report,” possibly a predecessor of the late, lamented Rice News which only exists digitally these days:

rice report Jan 1971 1 008

As a snapshot of campus doings in January of 1971 it is packed with interesting material from all over. I was especially interested in the Media Center exhibit of kinetic art by Pol Bury which I hadn’t been aware of. The publication was probably saved for the enrollment report but that’s not what made me scan it. No, I was attracted by a single glorious sentence, the very last one on the second page:

rice report Jan 1971 2 009

That must have been a heck of a party.

rice report Jan 1971 3 010

rice report Jan 1971 4 011



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3 Responses to Rice Report, January 1971

  1. Kathy says:

    I now remember what a big deal it was when the curriculum requirements “loosened up.” Since I graduated in 71, I didn’t experience much of the changes myself, which I guess is why I’d forgotten this historical tidbit all together. Being reminded of things that happened while I was at Rice is just one of the reasons I love this blog!

  2. Ron Sass says:

    A time not removed from student unrest, an unpopular war, racial challenges and an awakening drug culture, but, looking back, a time of unbelievable simplicity. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Bill Peebles, Hanszen '70 says:

    The level of detail in the Report is amazing. It reminds me of when Houston had three newspapers and all three could report Little League standings and statistics.

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