Musicalums, 2005

Someone asked in the comments yesterday if there were photos of Drs. Girard and Ross at their recording session in 2005. Well, loyal reader Marty Merritt made one appear (I can’t help but wonder what else he’s got squirreled away.)

This was in March, 2005. I’m pretty sure that Jeff Fitlow took this photo. I did have to identify the two gentlemen for Lindsey Fielder from Rice News. It’s Dr. Ross on the left and Dr. Girard on the right. Another interesting tidbit was that Brian James (Hanszen ’78) helped audio enhance some of the tracks. His mother worked in Dr. Girard’s office when he was at Baylor.


They look just fantastic, don’t they?



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  1. rbrazile says:

    You never know about Marty. A guy who has a Framus stashed away might have just about anything.

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