Friday Follies: Moving Out, 1976

Forget the guy; check out those cars!

Student moving into Baker car trunk 1976 064



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7 Responses to Friday Follies: Moving Out, 1976

  1. K. Gottlieb says:

    Points for the Rhode Island license plate and the Texas State Rifle Association sticker.

  2. Bill Peebles, Hanszen '70 says:

    A ’59 Cadillac and a Volkswagen bus. What a contrast.

  3. grungy1973 says:

    …and a Beetle in front of the Bus…

  4. Parked on the sidewalk. It was a much more lenient time in many ways. The Cad is interesting for at least three reasons: first, it’s a hardtop. Note that there are no window frames on the doors. A common stylistic touch of the 50s. Second, this was right at the tail end of the energy crisis. I imagine that he was able to buy this beast for a song (or take it off a grandparent’s hands) but I hate to think of what it must have cost to drive it here from Rhode Island. Third, this reminds us that a lot of today’s most sought-after classics were once no more than old cheap beaters. I can’t tell you how many rusty, clapped-out ’57 Chevys I saw growing up. They were just junkers.

  5. Deborah Gronke Bennett BSEE Hanszen 1982 says:

    He’s moving 3 bottles of wine and some papers. Just getting started, since the Cadillac trunk looks mostly empty. I am guessing he is moving out of Baker College? (I see what I think is Hanszen among the trees on the right).

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