Let It Be Recorded . . .

that on July 13, 2016 the Rice campus went berserk for Pokemon Go.

This is me getting a tutorial from one of the legion walking around staring down at their phones:

JPEG image-CF442A9F7038-1

Thanks to my colleague Deborah Kolah for the photo!

Bonus: Another image, this one from Campus Photographer Tommy Lavergne. The untimely death of Frankie B. Mandola ’69 will leave an enormous hole not only in the Rice community but all across Houston. His warmth, geniality and generosity were and surely will remain legendary.

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4 Responses to Let It Be Recorded . . .

  1. That photo looks like it was taken in the arcades along the front of Fondren, on the side towards the Archi building. But they keep moving the hedges…

    • Melissa Kean says:

      Almost. We were in the arcades in front of Fonder but just a bit towards the Rayzor side. That’s the building you see in the background.

      • I’ll buy that. I wondered where the main sidewalk through the quad was. But the periodic reconfiguration of the hedges left me without good landmarks.

        I know that brick/marble path, because it is so slippery in the rain.

  2. Steve Lukingbeal Hanszen '76 says:

    Based on the hairstyle of your gentleman friend, I would date the photo as 1973. Certainly not 1961 like yesterday’s photo.

    And we all will certainly miss Frankie!

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