Gold Medal, 1966

I was looking for something in a folder of Homecoming photos when I found this nice image of Oveta Culp Hobby presenting her colleague on the Rice Board, George R. Brown, with the Alumni Association’s Gold Medal Award:

New GRB receiving plaque from OCH 41 12

I found this quite touching, partly because I admire and respect both parties so much. It’s hard to imagine, frankly, where Rice would be today without Mr. Brown but it certainly wouldn’t be this good.

I admit that I’m probably too sentimental but I was also touched because I know that the Hobbys and the Browns were close personal friends as well as professional associates. This triggered a memory of a picture that I’d once seen in Mrs. Hobby’s papers, which we have in the Woodson. It took a long time to find it, but I enjoyed the chance to revisit this exceptionally interesting collection.

New GRB OCH on boat nd 41 15

That lady sure knew how to wear a hat.

Bonus: On my way to the car this afternoon I saw something I’ve never seen before–a squirrel in a pipe.


What it was doing in the pipe I do not know.


Extra Bonus: Shenanigans at the Ice Cream Social.


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6 Responses to Gold Medal, 1966

  1. George Webb '88, '91 says:

    Looks like the social was at the Yurt (the McMurtry College commons)

  2. George Webb '88, '91 says:

    If there is ever a third statue on campus (after WM Rice and EO Lovett), it should be of GR Brown.

  3. joecwhite says:

    With William and Tom in close proximity, shenanigans are a foregone conclusion.

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