They Are Not All Bald

But some of them are!

This was on the front page of the December 5, 1924 issue of the Thresher:

Barber December 5 1924 050

I read this with a great deal of interest. I’ve wondered for years what will be the most arcane and trivial fact about Rice history that I’ll be able to recite from memory and this short piece provides some great material.

Mostly, though, I was shocked to discover that Samuel McCann was a redhead. The only color photograph I’ve ever seen of him is this one, taken in 1951:

McCann Sept 51 Homecoming

You can kind of see it.

Bonus: I was also interested to discover that a couple of the old lamp posts from yesterday’s bonus had wasp nests inside the bases.


It reminded me of a painful run-in I had with a bunch of bees that were living inside an old German High Hat pole right next to Lovett Hall. Sneaky little critters. Keep your eyes open out there!

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  1. radbob48 says:

    Melissa, I worry about your fascination with lampposts

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