The Wandering Sisters

This is one of the few times I was able to find exactly what I was looking for without any drama or weird curve balls. I hardly know how to act.

I got a lot of email about the location of The Sisters sculpture that we saw being restored earlier this week. It was installed in 1970, here:


The photo is undated but I feel it must have been taken sometime late ’70s to early ’80, based solely on the pair of Dr. Scholl’s sandals that the young woman has kicked off while she studies. I had a pair, navy blue, which were the height of chic for sophisticated high school girls everywhere in the 1970s:

2744236-p-multiviewThis part of campus has changed tremendously over the years with the addition of the new colleges. Here are The Sisters as of last December, when I had time over Christmas break to wander around over there myself:



Bonus: I’ll be out of town until Tuesday so don’t panic if I miss a post.



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13 Responses to The Wandering Sisters

  1. effegee says:

    My wife (Jones ’73) wore those in 72-73.

    The fact that there is a lawn dates it to prior to 2001 😉

  2. marmer01 says:

    I don’t remember the Fairy Fountain spraying with quite that much energy back in the early 80s. I would agree — pre-1980.

  3. The Dr. Scholls probably replaced the Famolare wavy-bottomed wedges that were de rigueur in the early 1970’s.

    • Melissa Keane ("the other Melissa Kean"), Jones '72 says:

      Ha ha! Walter, thanks for that memory! I remember Dr. Scholl’s (wore them for years!) … but had forgotten Famolares. Yes, of course, I had both.

    • Melissa Keane ("the other Melissa Kean"), Jones '72 says:

      Ha ha! Walter, thanks for that memory! I remember Dr. Scholls (they are selling them again!) … but had forgotten Famolares. Yep, had ’em both.

  4. Lynn Elsenhans says:

    I believe the woman in the photo is Amy Brechin (not sure of spelling). I think she graduated 1978-1980.

    Lynn L. Elsenhans

  5. marmer01 says:

    Alumni directory has Amy Brechin as Class of 1978.

  6. jccooper says:

    The second picture is, of course, the new location. The fountain was moved to make way for all the servery changes.

  7. Pat Martin says:

    On Sept. 11, 1976, the men of Sid Rich carried our daughter, Dale, over to the fairy fountain to dunk her in celebration of her 10th birthday, as special occasions were often celebrated at that time. The esteemed Dr. Cooper might well have been in the group. Dale lives now in Surrey, UK, and will celebrate her 50th this Sunday. Our SRC years (’76-’81) provided countless wonderful memories for her, Bill, and me. BTW, Dale’s daughter Laura Thomas graduated from Rice in 2015 and daughter Anna is a current junior–neither at Sid, sad to say, but somehow delighted with Lovett and McMurtry.

  8. Loretta Mauldin Boggan says:

    One night I was out with some friends and we decided to wade in the fountain. (I believe alcohol may have been involved.) Big mistake…really slimey on the bottom. And yes, that is Amy Brechin…smart, pretty and very nice!

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