Friday Follies: “The Owls are Coming Back! Does That Interest You?” 1921

This one has it all–a motorcycle, a roadster, a guy in drag, strangely phrased and vaguely threatening posters . . . and a milk can with bucket.


They’re downtown, by the way, on Lamar Street right where the new Hilcorp Energy building is today. I drive past this spot nearly every day. The most interesting thing about this to me, though, is that it was taken by a professional photographer. I wonder what that was about (and who paid him).




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9 Responses to Friday Follies: “The Owls are Coming Back! Does That Interest You?” 1921

  1. grungy1973 says:

    Rice did not win the football game on 15 October 1921, losing to Tulane 7-6.
    Coach Arbuckle’s team was 4-4-1 that season.

  2. Bill Johnson '57-'58 says:

    It looks like a great number were Freshmen because of the Slime beenies.

  3. marmer01 says:

    That’s probably a Ford Model T Speedster similar to but not identical to this one.×388.jpg

    The motorcycle is an Excelsior, which was originally built by the family who built the iconic Robie house in Chicago. Around 1910 the Robies sold the company to Ignaz Schwinn of bicycle fame. During the early days of the Depression, Schwinn decided to stop producing motorcycles to focus on their well-established bicycles.

    • francis eugene 'gene' pratt says:

      Thanks for this information.
      It prompted me to do a bit of ‘internetting’ the Robie House.
      Now I am smarter, for probably the next 4 hours.

  4. Texas says:

    One of my sons commented on how many freshmen there were that year.

  5. The Bonus photo is stumping me. I worked all over downtown when I was working for Ma Bell, but that view escapes me; the garden rooftop in the foreground looks familiar though.

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