Football Friday: “hold fast to courage”

Some cheering words from Coach Heisman in the (somewhat worse for the wear) 1925 program for Rice’s annual Thanksgiving Day game with Baylor:


Go Owls.

Bonus: Where the heck did these come from? They weren’t there yesterday when I left.


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9 Responses to Football Friday: “hold fast to courage”

  1. effegee says:

    New naming rights deal for the stadium? 🙂

  2. marmer01 says:

    They were here yesterday when I got here in the morning…

  3. John Wolda says:

    In that year 1925 Rice and Baylor tied 7-7. Good luck tonight.

  4. loki_the_bubba says:

    Whatever reason they were there, they had some decent bbq before the game.

  5. Thanks for joining us! It was a fun tailgate. Loved the brass band next door too.

  6. vkbenson says:

    Kathleen and her staff were kind enough to invite this old alum and his companion to join their tailgate where we met a delightful group of six Canadians. These guys make a road trip once a year to see a U.S. college game and a nearby pro game. They would attend the Chiefs-Texans game on Sunday. Rice administration had given them the grand tour of campus, but they still had lots of questions about Rice and its history, many of which I could answer. (Melissa, where were you when I needed you?!) So my thanks to Rice Business for the most entertaining tailgate I’ve ever attended.

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