“Where Hippies Are Few,” 1967

In the course of any given week I see a lot of interesting articles in the various Rice publications that I need for research. This one I could not resist:


One hardly knows where to begin.





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7 Responses to “Where Hippies Are Few,” 1967

  1. degb00 says:

    That clean-cut RSA president probably didn’t know any of the hippies on campus, if there were any. How much hippie life, drugs and rock and roll was there at Rice in the 1960’s anyway?

  2. Pat Campbell says:

    I remember the wreath fondly. The students were creative with props that weren’t tied down. it was gone when we returned from Christn=mas break, but before Christmas it decorated portapotties parked in the Sallyport, Willie himself (both crown and lap), Fondren, Rayzor, and the whisper chamber at Physics.
    As always, there were those into sex, drugs, and rock&roll but it was pretty low-key. Given the college system, we all knew a cross-section of campus types. And some might qualify as hippies, but the unwashed were generally just rebelling. I never thought of the “Mad Mouse” and “Dirty Pierre” as hippies, just eccentrics – not like the rest us – eccentric in our own ways.

  3. marmer01 says:

    Wow, if Doc Skaggs were any more square he would be a cube.

  4. Steve Lukingbeal says:

    1967 was way to early to say that the student power/hippie movement had bypassed Rice. California and Ivy League schools were at least two years ahead of Rice. If you put a tape measure to it, the average length of hair for Rice men increased by fourfold between 1967 and 1974. Village area barbers almost starved.

  5. David J. Cohen MD, Hanszen 68 says:

    My wife got a kick out of seeing this article. Where was it publishished–in the Thresher or the Houston Post? Thanks to whomever above called me clean cut. I was just glad to have hair back then. Anyway, thanks for the memories.
    David Cohen MD, Hanszen ’68

  6. Steve Lukingbeal Hanszen '76 says:

    David, was it your perception that Rice actually got a little bit hipper after this picture of you was taken?

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