Mischief Behind Physics

I got a half dozen emails yesterday about the door that has gone missing from the back of the old Physics Building. I have to admit that this is a startling sight:


Some of my correspondents were worried because, well, you just never know around here, but I felt sure that it was just over in the Carpenter’s Shop for some repair.

I was close. It’s in the Paint Shop for refinishing:


I’m sure all of you remember a scintillating post I wrote about five (!)   years ago entitled “Dating A Picture of the Back of the Physics Building” (catchy, no?) in which that door makes a glorious appearance. But just in case you’ve forgotten and don’t feel like going back to look, here’s my favorite image of that spot:

Physics Back April 26, 1930

It is very precisely dated: April 26, 1930.

Bonus: I was captivated by this charming warning sign in Abercrombie today. It made me feel I needed to be extra careful, as I would never want to strike anyone sharply.


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  1. marmer01 says:

    We have signs that say “Open Slowly. There might be someone on the other side.” Someone once added with a Sharpie: “Open Quickly. It might be someone you don’t like.”

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