Disorientation, circa 1950

Sometimes just for sport I’ll tag along behind one of the groups being led around campus by our charming student tour guides. I have heard some pretty dubious assertions during these jaunts but never anything as wild or as funny as some of this material from a circa 1950 tour script:




One hardly knows where to begin–the thing really is a hot mess–but I can’t decide which is funnier, Max Autry (made up from whole cloth!) or death by bananas.

Note: I’m having some minor surgery tomorrow so I’ll be out at least one day, maybe two.

Bonus: Gate 2, closed for business.


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2 Responses to Disorientation, circa 1950

  1. grungy1973 says:

    3. band hall locations prior to the RMC!
    This is the first I’ve heard such a thing.

  2. marmer01 says:

    If I recall correctly in Doug Killgore’s _The Trust_, the play and movie about the murder of William Marsh Rice, Mr. Rice became ill after eating a lot of bananas (which were uncommon at the turn of the century in the US) and this either led to or was an effect of the attempt to poison him. If this is based on the historical record, and it may be, then this may be the kernel of truth behind the “died from eating too many bananas” assertion. It may also be just simple Rice quirkiness; that may be the simplest explanation.

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