Friday Follies: Xerox

Came through my procedure just fine but the anesthesia left me feeling like a fuzzy copy for a while:


Bonus: It’s been a tough year for kites on campus.


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  1. grungy1973 says:

    Half-time: Baylor


    Band forms in south tunnel.

    Ladies and gentlemen, direct from their Thanksgiving vacation in the south end zone tunnel, the most talked about band in the land, the 1973 MOB! (Long pause)

    Band runs out of tunnel into XEROX.

    Misdirected by Mr. Bert Roth, and under the field leadership of retiring Drum Major Bob Hord and the new Drum Major for the 1974 football season, George Pharr. Twirlers are Janet Briston, Suzan McCorkle, Liz Moy, and Karen Blackwell.

    (Music: I Feel the Earth Move)

    The MOB has spelled out XEROX, the only thing we know of that can copy something else perfectly. (Pause) We really question the value of such a device, however–after all, there’s more to life than just reproduction.

    Band marches into huge 0.

    The MOB wanted to pay tribute to something non-controversial, so they have formed a huge zero (pause) and they do a salute to–nothing at all!

    (Music: I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’)

    Band forms huge vanilla wafer.

    Notice how the MOB has cleverly formed a huge vanilla wafer. (Pause) It may be bland, but it’s never distasteful.

    Band forms food service truck.

    The MOB climaxes their season with a salute to our new found friend — the Rice Food Service Truck. (Pause) After all the times we thought they were trying to poison us, these spunky vehicles came to our aid in a time of great need. (Pause) Watch now as the MOB leaves the stadium for the last time. Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll be home in plenty of time for supper tonight.

    MOB marches off to Truck formation

    There you have it, fans: 1973–the year of the MOB (Pause) Thank you and goodbye until next year!

    (Music: Theme from EXODUS)

  2. grungy1973 says:

    This was the reprise to the ’73 A&M show.
    The theme from Exodus still gives me goosebumps…

  3. grungy1973 says:

    The tall glock player at the bottom right of the right “X” is Gail Hamilton, who painted the Owl Painting on the wall of the RMC band hall office (after a design by Barry Moore).
    The Owl Painting is moving to its new home on Sunday afternoon.

    Aside from the slight skew in the “X”s, I’m impressed with how straight these letters are.

    Rice won the game, 27-0.

  4. Rodney Hoffman says:

    As a MOB member (’68 – ’72) who later worked at Xerox for nearly 20 years, I love this.

  5. Brian Cole says:

    I arrived at Rice in 1974–the year George Pharr (Weiss ’75; later a professor of Materials Science) was Drum Major. During freshman orientation that year, George tried to track down as many people as possible who could play piano but had never been in a marching band. As a result of his efforts, the ’74 MOB had a huge number of Glock players to fill out the ranks.

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