Summer’s Coming

In an abstract way I knew that it must be so, but today was the first day I really believed it. Walking across the academic quad I saw, like the first robin of spring, the inauguration of the annual commencement preparations:

It’s April 4th; the last day of classes is less than three weeks away.

I recently came across a letter from Edgar Odell Lovett to one of the early students with a friendly suggestion for how he might spend his free time over the summer of 1915:

Incidentally, if you’re interested you can find those lectures here and here. I’m not sure I’d recommend it but if you have time on your hands, what the heck.

Bonus: At 4:45 this afternoon I turned my head in the exact right spot to see this pretty surprise.

While I was looking up there I saw something I’d never noticed before:


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5 Responses to Summer’s Coming

  1. Joni says:

    What is on the one on the other end as seen in the “moon” picture?

  2. marmer01 says:

    Was that an early version of a summer form letter or do we have reason to believe that William Nathan had come to the President’s attention in some way?

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