“with great joy and in bold hope,” 1908

Not too long ago I was handed an envelope that contained a large number of letters written by Edgar Odell Lovett to his friend Frederick Seares. Most of them date from Lovett’s years at Princeton and have to do with the comings and goings of various friends and acquaintances in the community of American astronomy. (Seares was at this time on the astronomy faculty at the University of Missouri, although he would soon leave for the Mt. Wilson Observatory in California where he spent most of his career.) One of my favorites, though, has Lovett admitting to Seares that it’s true, he really is headed for Texas:

The envelope this came in also tells a pretty good story, which I will relate tomorrow.


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6 Responses to “with great joy and in bold hope,” 1908

  1. Keith Tipton says:

    I see 2 lizards. What type are they? I’m not familiar with black ones.

  2. F.E. (Gene) Pratt, Rice Institute 1956 says:

    “… inerds” ?

    Was this the man responsible for the notorious Spelling Test of later years?
    Surely, he jested!

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