Lounging, nd

I’ve been on the road today and I’m kind of frazzled but I still have something fun for us to look at. Right before I left I stumbled across a contact sheet that contained these befuddling images:

This obviously is the library (those tables in the hallway are probably still in the building somewhere) but what is up with the cool mod furniture? And where exactly is this space?

This next one makes me think that it could be the lounge area outside the Kyle Morrow room, but the wall doesn’t extend far enough:



Bonus: Things get weird on all campuses in that gap between the end of finals and commencement. This young lady up at Creighton was wearing a floor length formal gown and throwing pitches to a friend– really popping them too. Never seen anything quite like it.

Heads Up: I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze in a post tomorrow.

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  1. marmer01 says:

    I think that is either the Lovett Lounge outside Kyle Morrow or the Sarah Lane Lounge one floor up. I think the Kyle Morrow location is most likely, and the wall was extended when a larger elevator was installed at some point. But others may know better.

  2. I agree, outside the Kyle Morrow room. I remember shooting some speaker for The Thresher.

    The wood screen by the stairwell was really cool. It had diagonal grooves cut into each side. Where they crossed grooves on the other side, there was a hole all the way through.

    Is that still there?

  3. marmer01 says:

    On your Facebook page, Kerry Keck gives us a more complete answer:

    Melissa, I think this *is* the 3rd floor Lovett Lounge (outside the KMR). During the 1990s era renovation, we were forced to modify & enclose the front stairwell – the mandate was attributed to fire codes. It ruined what had been an open and gracious stairwell. At the same time, it seems, the Lounge was further modified with addition of the mahogany. I suspect the wall separating the elevator from Lounge was extended and the column now there was added.

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