The Same Lounge Today

I had fifteen minutes between meetings so I wasted them looking for these pictures, which I had failed to label, buried deep in my laptop. This is what that lounge area looks like now–much less cool and not super conducive to relaxation:



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7 Responses to The Same Lounge Today

  1. L. Galloy says:

    Is President Leebron the only one not wearing regalia?

  2. almadenmike says:

    I wonder why Dr. Leebron’s picture is (or appears to be) a photograph (and a very dark one at that), while his predecessors’ were paintings (with discernable backgrounds).

  3. marmer01 says:

    I’m reasonably willing to believe that it’s a photorealistic oil painting. I’m also willing to believe that Rice no longer wants to spend the money for a formal portrait.

  4. pmontgom1 says:

    Melissa, this is awesome. This looks like the president portraits that used to hang in the lobby of Hamman Hall. For a while they disappeared, and I used to ask people where the paintings had gone too. I wish I could remember when the paintings were last hanging at Hamman but the year escapes me. I suspect I noticed them during a matriculation event. Of course, maybe these are not the same. All of those stiff images do not make a relaxing room.
    Philip Montgomery

    • Sandy Havens says:

      Philip, I was Director of Rice Players and the manager of Hamman Hall. I retired in May, 2000. I think those portraits were still in Hamman when I retired.

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