Friday Follies: Rain Out

This year looks to be safely dry but I enjoyed finding this photograph of what looks to be a Facilities department skit dramatizing the chaos the accompanies rain at commencement time:

I suspect this is funnier if you know these folks. Seriously, though, pulling off these ceremonies is much harder than it looks.



Extra Bonus: This is one of my very favorites, from a rained out commencement two years ago.

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2 Responses to Friday Follies: Rain Out

  1. grungy1973 says:

    The first rain-out I witnessed was in ’81, and things were moved to Autry, which was not air conditioned.
    I’d brought a single Igloo ice chest to give my friends cold drinks, and wound up distributing pieces of ice to the others who were steaming and thirsty, until that ran out too.
    The next year, determined to not deny anyone who was thirsty, I brought 8 ice chests filled with soft drinks and beer.

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