O Week, 1922

Just kidding. There was, of course, no such thing as O Week in 1922. Freshman weren’t oriented back then; they were hazed. This little guy was right to be apprehensive:

This is a Jack Glenn cartoon, by the way, one of the things I found in the archives at the University of Wyoming this summer. I’d especially like you to note the outfit worn by the big guy in the dark suit and hat. It was absolutely au courant in 1922 at Rice. Here’s future congressman Albert Thomas in the same getup:

Bonus: It’s really hot but fall is definitely coming. Leaves have begun to fall into the fountain behind the library.

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1 Response to O Week, 1922

  1. loki_the_bubba says:

    In the lower right corner of the comic you see “Apologies to BRIGGS”. That is in reference to Clare Briggs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clare_Briggs), an illustrator of that period. Melissa, if you look in the golf library you will find “The Duffer’s Handbook of Golf” by Grantland Rice with illustrations by Briggs. I recognized that style immediately.

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