Advice to Freshmen, 1925

These words of wisdom come from the 1925 Rice YMCA Handbook. Even though today’s freshmen don’t have to worry about sophomores forcing them to make their beds, most of this still seems like sound advice. In fact, I repeated some of it to a young man just this afternoon:

I particularly enjoy the part about creating “a reverence and respect for superiors and institutions.” That would be nice.

Bonus: The folks who ran Autry House, the home of the Rice Y, had their hands full.

Extra Bonus: Some of the O Week activities mystify me.


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  1. Bill Harris says:

    In the O week category and related to the bonus picture, there was the story of the long line after lunch one day at the RMC in the late ’60s, I believe. It was mystifying at first, too. Those students were all bringing something, though.

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