Confronted earlier this week with wet volumes at a local synagogue, this picture was how I remembered what to do:

That’s Philosophy professor Radoslav Tsanoff sliding pieces of dry paper between the wet pages of a book in the aftermath of the dramatic 1966 library flood. Until this week I couldn’t account for his joyful countenance in what was a disastrous circumstance but now I believe I understand.

Bonus: I don’t like the look of this. At all. There were no people anywhere around and it looked as if they’d begun assembling on their own.

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  1. Sometimes, a simple, useful task can be very satisfying. When you are done, things are better.

    Great photo.

  2. Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen 67 says:

    Dr. Tsanoff was probably the only one in a coat and tie. The rest of us had on cutoffs and old tennis shoes.

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