“Border to Border: Coast to Coast,” Rice Football 1966

I was delighted the other day to come into possession of two boxes full of memorabilia that originally came from Gene Hinyard ’69. (They were Tony Lama boxes from a store in San Saba!) The best thing in them proved to be this great photo of the Rice football team en route to a 1966 game with the University of Tennessee. I’m thinking that’s a DC-something:

Such handsome lads!

The Woodson already has several scrapbooks from Hinyard, which came to us from Coach Don “Silent K” Knodel when he was director of the R Association. I checked to see whether the newly arrived items should go in with those scrapbooks and I wasn’t even surprised to find this:

When was the last time you saw an airplane ticket?

Long shot: If you look closely at the bottom right corner of the airplane picture you’ll see that it’s labeled #11. If anyone has #1 through #10 let me know.

Bonus: You’d better believe Sammy knows best.

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8 Responses to “Border to Border: Coast to Coast,” Rice Football 1966

  1. marmer01 says:

    That is a DC-7, nearing the end of its service.

  2. Martha Smith says:

    The player on the left front row is, I believe, my husband’s cousin, Jay Collins, now a member who f the Rice Board.

  3. Keith Cooper says:

    On the Sammy knows best sign, is that area close a misprint? I thought Rice was in 713

  4. Dale Henry says:

    Not just a store in San Saba, but I’m betting from Harry’s, a Texas Hill Country legend.

  5. Judy Stahl says:

    Great posting…San Saba gal.

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