Friday Follies: Peace, circa 1969

Those were interesting times.

Bonus: Apparently there was a post-Harvey ant invasion over by Hanszen. (Thanks to an always alert colleague!)

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  1. Marty Merritt (Hanszen '84/85) says:

    We used to find ants in the Hanszen third floor restrooms, which seemed surprising somehow. Used to call it “Ants-In College.”

  2. Steve Lukingbeal---Hanszen 1976 says:

    We used to get mammoth sized cockroaches on the fourth floor of the old Hanszen tower. I guess they got bored being upstairs in the attic. One time my roommate put a flame to a plume of hairspray on one of them. It left an extremely artistic silhouette on the carpet which was reminiscent of a CSI crime scene.

  3. Robert Taylor (Hanszen '74) says:

    My freshman year roommate was from Montana and had not seen roaches the size of small dogs like we have in Texas. He saturated the carpet around the legs of our bunk bed with repellent to make sure the roaches did not try to climb up to sleep with him. This was in the old section of Hanszen, Room 221, next door to Club 223.

  4. joni says:

    I guess you didn’t tell him that they can fly….?

  5. Robert Taylor (Hanszen '74) says:

    He was from Montana, did not want to tell all the secrets. He fled to higher levels at Sid Rich which opened to transfers in January 1971.

  6. Francis Eugene "Gene" Pratt Rice Institute 1956 says:

    The symbol, called the “Peace Symbol” (by one side) and the “Symbol of the American Chicken” (by the other side) was the combination of two semiphore signals , the ‘N’ and ‘D’.
    They were meant to ask for “Nuclear Disarmament”.
    Or so I once read.
    I have never found anybody who knew that.

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