Vacation Week 2017: Joel Cyprus

I never met Joel Cyprus ’59, ’61, ’63 but I’ve heard enough to know that he was a legendary teacher as well as a key participant in the Rice Computer project. I can’t recall where I found these undated pictures–they look to be slides, actually–but I can safely say that I’ve rarely seen such a gleeful grin on anyone around here. It makes me smile too, as if we’re in on the same joke:

He passed away only a couple of years ago. Here’s link to his obituary in the Jewish Herald Voice—it’s well worth a read.

Bonus: Allen Center Oaf.  This is another old one that made me snicker.

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4 Responses to Vacation Week 2017: Joel Cyprus

  1. Doug Williams says:

    Looks like a lecture from ELEC 427. He was a very good (and loud) lecturer. He once received an award from the students in the classroom next door to where he lectured all semester.

  2. ELEC 427 was my most memorable class at Rice, surpassing Bill Martin and even the famous “negative frequency” lecture by Sid Burrus. I’ll send an email with more details.

  3. Bob Roosth says:

    Joel was probably my favorite lecturer. Had no clue he was Jewish. I can confirm the note in his obit that he had to move a class to 7 am so he could get to work at Texas Instruments. Pretty much everyone registered for the class stayed in the class.

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