Vacation Week 2017: “Will Do Tricks for Tips”

Technically I’m off work this week, finally getting my summer break. The first time I tried to go on vacation this summer I wound up in the Laramie Urgent Care Center with strep throat. We rescheduled for what turned out to be the week of Hurricane Harvey. So I’m just going to sit tight, hang out in Houston, and hope nothing goes wrong.

And as long as I’m sitting around in my pajamas I might as well pull out for your amusement some of the random, strange things I have saved over the years but never knew how to use. Don’t be looking for coherence this week–I’m just not interested in working that hard.

So with no further ado here is a page from the 1922 Campanile that struck me dumb when I first saw it:

Interior shots of Autry House are scarce and I was pretty excited. Then I noticed the real gem: the image at top center that contains both Autry House and the Community House! (I see I’ve written about the Community House quite a bit: here, here, here, and here.)

I still can’t quite get over it.

Bonus: I spotted this in the South Plant one day last spring.


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  1. Galloway Hudson ;60 says:

    I arrived on campus in 1956. The Baptist Student Union (the first BSU on campus) met at noon daily in Autry House for my first two years, and then it moved to a new building of its own on Fannin in 1958. I suppose the original BSU had met in Autry House since it was built. The Palmer Church was very accommodating to Rice students back then, and it may still be.

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