Vacation Follies: Not U of H’s Finest Hour

I’m actually a big fan of the University of Houston but I just couldn’t let this pass. From the Houston Chronicle, May 14, 1964:

They do other things differently over there too:

Bonus: A colleague sent me this mysterious picture today. Whatever it is, it’s in a tree by Allen Center. Any ideas?


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2 Responses to Vacation Follies: Not U of H’s Finest Hour

  1. almadenmike says:

    I wonder what’s at the other end of the rope.

    The wooden piece looks like it might be a homemade version of a simple “cord wrap” structure used to wind up excess cord lengths (Example:

    Might the rig be pulling up a small branch on the other side of the tree, forcing it to grow higher or straighter?

  2. The orange sack looks like an arborist’s throw bag. They use that to get lines into trees. They often throw lightweight high-visibility line. Like the stuff in the photo. It tends to be a little stiff and slippery so it doesn’t get stuck on bark.

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