“Atom Splitters at Rice,” 1948

Only a half an hour before I came across this astonishing article from the Houston Chronicle Magazine I was standing nearly on top of the spot where the “unimpressive, austere, green frame building behind the Rice Physics Building” once sat.

There were at least two buildings here over the years. This one was built very early on for H.A. Wilson to do his nuclear work:

And here’s a tiny peek at a later structure, circa 1970s:

I don’t know if these images are from the first building (my best guess), the second, or some intermediate structure but I’m sure that they are the only glimpses I’ve ever seen of an interior:




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9 Responses to “Atom Splitters at Rice,” 1948

  1. The top picture has cars that are 1920’s vintage in it, for what that’s worth. Perhaps even late teens.

  2. Rachel Dvoretzky says:

    Nice porch on that first building.

  3. In looking at the roof angles, I am reasonably willing to consider that the later building is a recladding and remodeling of the earlier building.

  4. almadenmike says:

    Notice the “Torture Chamber” annotation to the top photo. LOL!

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