Homecoming Follies: Ready, Set, Go! 1977

This says on the back only “Homecoming 1977 cross country”:

I’ve been home sick part of this week with plenty of time to think and I found this picture inspiring. I’ve become enchanted by the notion of holding a Homecoming Footrace. I would make it open to all classes with living members, which obviously would call for an elaborate, confusing, and unnecessarily complicated handicapping system. In order to ensure good participation and healthy competition there should be something significant at stake–not bragging rights but something real, like, say, the ability to hire or fire someone.

I’ll keep working on it. I think this has promise.

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7 Responses to Homecoming Follies: Ready, Set, Go! 1977

  1. Buddy Chuoke '75 says:

    Go for it.

  2. Lynne WRC ‘88 says:

    Wow. For this I would train. 😂

  3. mattnoall says:

    I recognize some of these folks. This would be the fall of my senior year. I believe if you look carefully you will recognize Keith Cooper for instance

  4. Clark Herring says:

    I thought that was Keith Cooper too.

  5. And Jim Beall on the right wearing a band shirt.

  6. A girl near the center is wearing a T-shirt that says “Nether Lands Dan Fogelberg”. That album was released May 1977. So it is not earlier than that date. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nether_Lands

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