Tree Trimming, no date

They look like they could not possibly be having more fun:

I especially love the old style lights on the tree. We went back to the big bulbs ourselves this year.


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5 Responses to Tree Trimming, no date

  1. The long hair makes me think this is the early 1970’s.

  2. marmer01 says:

    Yeah, I agree. Maybe 1980 at the latest, but probably 1970s. Not only the hair, but the clothes, natural tree, and old school icicles, ornaments, and lights.

  3. The girl on the ladder is wearing a denim jacket (with a pen in the pocket) and jeans with front patch pockets. Yeah, seems 70’s to me.

  4. Steve Lukingbeal, Hanszen 1976 says:

    I think that may be Marie Alexander and Ann Marshall who were at Hanszen together between 1973 and 1975.

    • Bryan Domning says:

      I think Steve’s right. Maríe began at Brown and transferred to Hansen, where she was elected president! Great holiday pic.

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