City of Houston from Rice, c1914-15

I found this recently in a scrapbook that was kept by Elmer Shutts ’16:

It looks great but unfortunately things have changes so much that I can’t get my bearings at all. Does anyone understand what we’re looking at here?

I’m assuming that it was taken from the top of the Administration Building because that was the highest place you could get on campus and I’m guessing that it was taken around 1915 because I happen to know that Shutts was up there about that time with a camera. That’s him on the left:


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  1. Richard Schafer says:

    I tend to think that picture has to be mislabeled. That sure looks like a hill to the left edge of the picture, and I just don’t believe there were that made broad avenues visible from the top of Lovett Hall. Look at this 1915 topgraphic map of the area around Rice, and nothing seems to match:

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    I spent a lot of time looking at it last night too and I think you’re right–it’s mislabeled. Heaven only knows where it is!

  3. Well, I wanted that street to be Remington, which has similar sidewalks and would give the impression of dead-ending as it curves to the right. But Shadyside wasn’t developed until after 1916. I agree this has to be downtown. Some of the buildings look like the Montrose Apartments on Bissonnet but those weren’t built until the 1920s.

    • Philip Walters says:

      When I get a chance, I’d like to check what the view from the Rice Hotel might have looked like then

  4. Michael Bludworth says:

    I think it’s an aerial shot of the Southmore area, looking towards downtown. That big street is Caroline.

  5. Ned C. says:

    Austin, looking north from atop the Capitol. That’s the University of Texas in the background. And that IS a hill to the left!

  6. ccday37 says:

    Could be from the rice silos at 1520 Sawyer looking east.

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