Art Gallery, 1968

This image fell into my hands about a week ago. I’ve found myself looking at it four or five times since, which is a pretty good sign that I should just go ahead and use it here.

I know there were art studios in Allen Center at this time and I’m guessing that’s where this gallery was. It’s just so, so 1968:

Bonus: I never know what I’ll see next.

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  1. Melissa Crowfoot Keane (Jones '72) says:

    Yes, we did wear dresses in 1968. Yes, they were short, and yes, we wore panty hose. I was particularly fond of navy blue panty hose with my short skirts … but, darn it, the wooden chairs in the library snagged ’em mercilessly across the back of the thighs — and new panty hose cost $3.00 a pair (!) in the Village. By spring 1969, I had given up the short skirts and the costly panty hose and settled into jeans,

    This photo might also have been taken in the RMC. We spent a lot more time there than in the Allen Center.

    Thanks for posting!

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