Easter Greetings, 1981

Courtesy of the Rice Amateur Radio Club:


Bonus: Last night’s rains left a beautiful mirror in the quad.



Note: No post tomorrow for Good Friday. Also no post next Friday for Good Friday.

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11 Responses to Easter Greetings, 1981

  1. I used to be the trustee for W5YG. I s the station still going? If so who is the Trustee? There used to be a station in Abercrombie and a Tower at the end of it.

  2. marmer01 says:

    Back in the day when Rice phone numbers were a real mixed bag of exchanges.

  3. Relaying messages was the origin of the Amateur Radio Relay League, the national association for radio amateurs in the US. You can still send a “radiogram” through the ARRL.


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