A Trip through the Storm Sewers, 1967

Let’s journey with known mischief-maker Bill Peebles ’70 and several compatriots who for unclear reasons decided to climb down into the Rice storm sewer one evening in the late ’60s. Maybe, like climbing Everest, they did it just because it was there.

They descend here after removing the grate in the stadium parking lot. Uninviting, but I’d give it a try:

The occasion must be commemorated. Is this still there? I can probably find out.

Taking a break:

Finally they ascend to a warm welcome in the same place they started. Everyone seems to  be smiling:

I’m not sure what would happen to you if you tried this today, although I think it’s much harder to get down there now.

Bonus: There’s a lot going on underneath us.

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12 Responses to A Trip through the Storm Sewers, 1967

  1. Terry Gaschen says:

    I see two of the five members of my band The Better Mousetrap, Sumner Hunter (Guitar, vocals) and Mark Nokes (bass) and only now I’m hearing about this?

    • Bill Peebles, Hanszen '70 says:

      I think I remember Jim DePitts as another member. Who else?

      • Terry Gaschen says:

        John Ensey was our drummer and Ray Colcord later took over Bass for Mark Nokes and brought another voice and keyboards to the mix.

  2. Randy Brint says:

    That’s Sumner Hunter leaning against the sewer wall in the 3rd picture.

    Randy Brint


  3. grungy1973 says:

    Is the graffiti written with a carbide lamp, as it should be?

  4. James Medford says:

    I noticed the REI (Rice Eats It) graffiti. I used to see that in a few spots around campus in the early 80s, but I think it had already fallen into disuse.

    • Terry Gaschen says:

      In 1967 REI was still in use as were TRG (Typical Rice Girl) and Gnome. Long gone now. When I was a Freshman in 1965 and I couldn’t get a date it was widely attributed by my snarky friends to my initials being TRG.

  5. Randy Brint says:

    What??? TRG and Gnome have gone the way of the band uniforms? Say it ain’t so!

    • Terry Gaschen says:

      Yeah, Randy. I’ve been teaching there since 1988 and nobody knows that stuff. Will Rice tore down the new dorm and built a newer one, which I call the new new dorm and Will Ricers have no idea why I call it that.


      • Randy Brint says:

        Yeah, Tommy Tyner and I were on campus a few years ago and were surprised to find them torn down and replaced. We ran into Doc C, and he remembered us…at least he said he did. Tommy’s grandson, Jackson Tyner, is in Will Rice. He may be the starting QB this year. Great kid.

  6. Kathy Amen '71 says:

    I had some friends take me down there once in, probably 1970 or 1971 (maybe after I graduated, in 1972). It was pretty fun, but a rather strange location for a date 😎

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