“There now–isn’t that simple?” 1977

Well no, it turned out that it wasn’t. The colleges have been co-ed for so long that it seems natural and inevitable to us but getting there was a bumpy road indeed. Changing things is never easy in these institutions and something like close living relationships was especially fraught. This proposal is interesting: let the market decide but maintain diversity if possible. I guess the market decided everyone wants the same thing.

Bonus: I’ll be gone for a couple of days for some Out-of-house Repair. Be back Monday.

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7 Responses to “There now–isn’t that simple?” 1977

  1. Ted says:


  2. marmer01 says:

    Isn’t that simple, indeed. Got all of them wrong.

  3. Sandy Havens says:

    I was on that committee with Don Baker. The committee was comprised of students, faculty, alumni and trustees. It was a very complicated issue and discussions were sometimes very heated. However, in the end the committee voted unanimously to recommend 100% co-ed.

  4. Lynne (WRC '88) says:

    “Traditionally women should occupy balconies.” That made me laugh.

    • Texas SPQ says:

      Are we talking Juliet, or is it because the women don’t tend to throw furniture and other deadly missiles off of balconies? I heard a faculty member say that coed colleges have significantly reduced the level of property damage in the colleges, as compared to the earlier years of sex segregation.

    • Matt Noall says:

      I agree! (SRC 1978)

  5. Beau Jon Sackett, Will Rice '69 says:

    Despite my living on-campus in the ’60s, coed colleges weren’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eyes at the time. Not a serious twinkle, at any rate. Given everything going on in society at the time, that’s probably a good thing.

    That said, the idea of WRC denizens being ‘gentlemen’ also wasn’t a concept I remembering hearing at all.

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