“Bethany College Honors Its Distinguished Graduate,” 1965

If you pay attention there’s a lot to look at inside and around the sallyport. Much of it is overhead and I regularly see visitors gazing up at the ornate carvings. It’s easy to miss the small plaque tucked lower down into a front corner, a gift of Bethany College, the West Virginia school where Edgar Odell Lovett spent his happy undergraduate years:

Bethany officials came to Houston to dedicate the plaque in the spring of 1965 in celebration of their 125th anniversary:

According to the Bethany alumni bulletin an identical plaque was dedicated and installed on their campus on the same day, which was Dr. Lovett’s birthday:

I was most surprised to read that the Rice ceremony was attended by a classmate of Lovett’s, Dr. W.E. Garrison, Bethany ’92. The name rang a bell, for good reason. Garrison taught religion at the University of Houston for many years and was instrumental in the effort to add a chapel to that campus. Check out this history of the A.D. Bruce Religion Center to get a sense of his important role in the development of the religion and philosophy department at U of H. There’s also some discussion of Rice band leader, biologist, and Lutheran minister Hans Ander in there!

Bonus: We had a pretty big storm yesterday but I was still surprised to see how many big branches and even small trees were blown over on campus this morning. Shockingly, all the Italian cypresses remained upright.

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  1. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    By all accounts, Bethany is still a good, small liberal arts college. It better be. Official figures for this school year show that tuition, fees, room and board total more than $40,000. Enrollment is 603.

  2. Doug Williams says:

    I visited Bethany College 20+ years ago when my brother was married on their campus. His wife is an alumna. The town of Bethany is only slightly larger than the college. Coincidentally, my brother’s birthday is also April 14.

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