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HMRC Thursday: “Enforce the Monroe Doctrine,” 1962

I continue to be boggled by the riches in the HMRC. Still working through the Houston Post photo archives I’ve reached 1962, which was quite an eventful year. This morning I found the Post photographs from President Kennedy’s famous moon … Continue reading

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Welcome New Alums!

You can send your checks directly to the Development Office! It’s undated but seems to be at the very peak of the short shorts era, so I’m guessing late 1980s. Bonus: Today I saw boots with no people in them.

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“Radio Fans Will Hear Big Program By Rice Students,” 1923

I’ve written before about the origins of Rice radio but I’d never gotten any real sense of what they did with the transmitter that was given by Howard Hughes. Leafing through some Threshers from the 1920s I found some articles … Continue reading

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And Who Could Blame Her?

It’s really hot out there and she’d certainly done more than her fair share. Bonus: It’s almost shocking how quickly the campus becomes a wholly different place after commencement. The wreath is still up on Willy’s tomb, though. Tiny detail–can anyone … Continue reading

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“Thanks Mom and Dad,” 1988

Rain or shine, Mom and Dad deserve our thanks. Look closely at the happy young woman, a colleague of mine at Fondren. Many of you know her! Ten points for the first correct identification. Bonus: Commencement cleanup, 1927 and today. … Continue reading

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Rain, 2019

It’s not looking good for commencement in the quad this Saturday. I’m out of town at a board meeting and the rain is predicted to be so bad that I’m frankly a little worried about getting home. Unfortunately Rice has … Continue reading

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What do you get when you leave Rice after 50 years?

You get an awesome cake with your face on it, that’s what! In addition, Bart Sinclair ’73 ’74 ’79 receives the respect, affection, and trust of hundreds of colleagues he’s interacted with over those years. As a student, faculty member, … Continue reading

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Not Today

Like Rice football Coach Ray Alborn I can’t even look, let alone try to explain what went wrong: Nothing serious but I’m going to just have a glass of wine with dinner and start over in the morning. Bonus: These … Continue reading

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“The policemen like to be paid in cash,” 1952

It isn’t every day that you find this much trivia, and so much of it so amusing, condensed in such a short document. I think English professor J.D. Thomas had just been made chief marshal and was trying to figure … Continue reading

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History Department Follies, no date

As soon as I saw this I laughed too: Harold Hyman and Frank Vandiver, both genuinely amused. It lifted my spirits. Bonus: As several readers indicated, yesterday’s pole vaulter was Fred Hansen ’63 who confirmed it himself. Also, I got the … Continue reading

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