Friday Follies: Hit the Beach, 1928 Style

As expected, it’s definitely beach weather in Houston these last days before the start of fall semester. What I didn’t expect was H.A. Wilson and in his swimwear, grinning happily on the beach in Galveston in 1928. Somehow Tsanoff seems less surprising:

Those are the combined Tsanoff and Wilson clans taking in some sun.

Bonus: From loyal reader Bill Peebles, this image from the 1967 Campanile. Clearly not the same gun as in the 1942 picture. Thanks, Bill!

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2 Responses to Friday Follies: Hit the Beach, 1928 Style

  1. There are two guns in the 1942 picture. I think this may be one of them — the one on the far left.

  2. Ronald Rye Ladd says:

    The one on the far right, based on the 6 continuous windows in the wall behind the gun. The guns on the left only have sets of 4 and 2 windows behind it.

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