“I remain my parents’ agent on earth,” 1958

I’m very grateful to my friend Judy Weidman at the Congregation Beth Israel library, who sent this remarkable letter a while ago. It’s classic George Cohen–his devotion to his parents seems to have been rivaled only by his devotion to Rice. And he makes reference here to something that isn’t as widely known as his gift to Rice of Cohen House–his support of Rice athletics, which was considerable.

Speaking of Cohen House, I got the first peek at the newly renovated restrooms this afternoon. Wow!

Bonus: I was all ready to make a snarky comment about planting grass in deep shade when I took a close look and discovered that this is some completely different kind of grass.

I don’t know exactly what this is–it’s very thick with long, thin blades– but I do know that you can’t snark at people who are trying to do better. I hope it works.

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5 Responses to “I remain my parents’ agent on earth,” 1958

  1. Bob Casey says:

    I think it is zoysia grass…

  2. G. Kunz says:

    What a classy and devoted way to honor your loved ones.

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